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Prepare a viewing

This “Prepare a viewing page” page will help you prepare any viewing you could have for a flat. It contains spaces to add the address, the contact details, the information about the flat and the main questions you should ask during a viewing. With this, you are all set for a viewing and on the right path to find your new flat! Good luck!

FREE Prepare a viewing Printable - freebie
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To-do list designs:

To-do lists are really helpful to organize your day or just keep track of what you want to achieve during a certain week. You’ll find different designs of to-do lists available below:

The Flowers to-do list

FREE printable to-do list flowers - freebie
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The Green flowers to-do list.

FREE printable to-do list green flowers -freebie
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The animal to-do list:

FREE printable to-do list animals - freebie
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The paint to-do list

FREE printable to-do list paint -freebie
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The love and hearts to-do list

FREE pintable to-do list love and hearts - freebie
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The to-do list travel theme

FREE printable to-do list travel theme - freebie
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