10 ideas of easy and fast lunches for the office

Soooo… I did a test a few months ago to check how much money you can actually save by preparing your lunch every day. Well, I underestimated how much it could represent!

I saved 150£ in one month!

In other words, this is a really efficient way of saving money. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to prepare something in the evening. You can even use leftovers if you have some! But if you have to prepare something independent from your evening menu, I selected a few ideas of easy and fast lunches for you to prepare for the office.

10 ideas of easy and fast lunches for the office
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10 ideas of easy and fast lunches for the office

To prepare home the previous day

  1. Omelet

I love omelet because it’s warm AND you can do it to your own taste. You’ll be happy to know that there is not ONE recipe for omelets but hundreds! It can be an omelet with meat, but it can also be a veggie or a cheesy one! My favorite omelet recipe is ham, cheese, tomatoes and some herbes de Provence. So delicious! Literally, it takes me 10 minutes maximum to prepare!

2. Salad

This is one of the easiest things to prepare BUT it’s cold. So if you don’t mind having a cold lunch, go ahead! As the weather is getting colder and colder, I personally prefer hot dishes for lunch.

Anyway, a salad is really easy to prepare: just mix and match whatever you like! One of my favorite recipes is roasted potatoes, lettuce, grilled bacon, shallots and balsamico vinegar. It’s a hot & cold type of salad mix and I love it! I generally keep the potatoes and bacon in a separate box so I can warm them up in the microwave before mixing them with the rest the ingredients when I’m at work.

3. Soup

Ahhhhhh here we go with the seasonal choice! My favorite of the moment! It’s hot, it’s quick and easy to prepare and transport, and it is filling enough to hold until dinner (if you eat a big bowl, of course). I personally prefer veggie soup but of course, you can add other things (Noddles, fish or chicken for instance). My top one is: potatoes, carrots, leaks, courgette and broccoli! Depending on my mood, I sometimes add a bit of liquid cream or a triangle or two of the laughing cow. De-li-cious!

4. Sandwich/toasted sandwich 

Here again, this is an easy option. You can have it cold (a normal sandwich) or have it warm (toasted sandwich, Croque-monsieur or Panini)! If you want it warm, just prepare the sandwich and put it in the microwave at your work (or in a toaster in a baking paper poach). Generally, I go with Croque-monsieur: Heam, cheese and I love to add some crème fraîche and a touch of mustard.

5. Pasta

Don’t tell me you don’t know this one already because I wouldn’t believe you! Yes, pasta are one of the easiest and yummiest options! Here again, it can be eaten hot or it can be eaten cold (like a salad), that’s completely up to you. Generally, I eat them hot in Winter and prepare them in a cold salad in Summer. For this Winter my favorite one is probably: tomatoes, spinach, chicken, liquid cream, parmesan and spaghetti! I love this yummy creamy cheesy combo! For the cold version, I would go with corn, tuna, mayo and black beans.

The good news is: you can also prepare you lunch directly in the office if you didn’t have time before! Generally in less than 10minutes!

10 ideas of easy and fast lunches for the office - Pasta
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To prepare in the office

1. Sweet potatoes (Jacket potatoes style)

Yes, the microwave can make wonders! Just cut a sweet potato in 2 and spread a bit of olive oil in the inside part. Put it 5 minutes in the microwave and tadaaa, it’s cooked! You can then add cheese, ham, tuna, corn etc. and eat it! If you put cheese on top of your toppings, you can put it a few minutes more in the microwave to let it melt. Even yummier! But shhhh, it’s a secret…

2. Salad

Once again, our dear friend “the salad” is on top of the list of the easy options to prepare directly in the office! You just need a knife and ingredients. Another one of my favorite salad recipes is: tomatoes, cucumber, mozzarella, avocado and chicken with some glaze (or balsamic vinegar and olive oil). I love the mix of textures and tastes in this case.

3. Bagel/Sandwich

Yes, sandwich again… Sandwich are definitely something you can prepare in the office directly in less than 10 minutes. If you prefer, you can prepare a bagel instead of using bread! Just get bread (or a bagel) and add everything you want!

One of my favorite option: I spread Philadelphia on the bagel/bread, then I add cut avocado slices and top up with some glaze! I generally eat this with marinated shrimps on the side. I love it! Even better during the Summer!

4. Bruchetta/Tartine

This is as easy as preparing a slice of grilled bread and add to it some toppings… My favorite? A pizza-like bruchetta.

I prepare my slice of grilled bread the same way I would do a pizza. I put it in the microwave a few minutes to let the cheese melt. This is the perfect option for pizza lovers!

5. Rice chicken and curry sauce

This is an easy lazy option, which I love on busy days. I buy these packs of microwavable rice, a pack of chicken and a box of ready-to-eat curry sauce from the store (you know, this glass jar of sauce) and I warm them up all together in a plate. If you don’t like curry sauce, you can replace it with tomato sauce, pesto or sweet and sour sauce instead for instance.

The good news is that it can even last for several days (at least if you don’t mind eating the same 2 or 3 days in a row)… If you want to!

Here you go! I hope this will give you some inspiration for new last-minute lunch ideas to prepare at home or in the office. All of these ideas are really easy to prepare and don’t require any extravagant material.

And you, what is your favorite option of lunch for work? Eating out? Cooking? Or getting something from the store?

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