Essentials to have in your handbag

Handbags problems… I’m sure you know what I mean! You know, that moment when you need something absolutely and you don’t have it in your handbag. These critical moments when you sneeze and you don’t have tissues for instance! I learned to identify what I need in my handbag and I’m now the lifesaver of my friends (ok… lifesaver maybe not, but I’m definitely helping very often)! How many times did I hear: you always have everything in your bag! How do you do that?

Therefore I thought it could be a nice idea to share with you what I always carry around. Hopefully, it will help you to be ready for any situation! You’ll be the superhero of your friends! Gold medal of the best friend of the year!

Essentials to have in your handbag
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Essentials to have in your handbag

Here is what I carry around in my handbag:

ID papers: You should never go out without your ID. It can be requested anytime. For instance, if you get into a bar or when you are walking in the street and you have to be able to show it if requested by the authority. ID cards are probably the best ID to have with you as it’s easy to transport and safer than to going around with your passport.

– Money: I always make sure to have both cash and my card. It’s good to have cash just in case your card is not working or in case you go to a store/restaurant that doesn’t accept cards. Like the small takeaway restaurants for instance. Who wants a good dΓΆner?!

– Mobile phone: I always take my phone with me no matter where I am going. I charge it at night and take it around during the day. You never know what can happen! It could save lives, avoid you getting in troubles, avoid you getting lost or just allow you to send some texts to your beloved ones!

– Keys: Never go anywhere without your keys!! Unless you want to be stuck out of your flat in front of the door… Completely up to you!

– Transport card: If you’re not using your contactless card to pay for transport, then you probably have a monthly ticket or pass (or even yearly). Make sure to always take it with you to avoid any extra costs: if you’re already paying for a monthly card, it would be too bad to forget it and being obliged to buy a single journey ticket, right?!

– Glasses/Sunglasses: In summer, I always carry them around. If I’m driving, I take them with me as well and of course, if you wear glasses, you should have them constantly with you!

– Hand creme: I ALWAYS have hand cream with me. I don’t know about you but every time that I am washing my hands or do the dishes, my hands gets really dry because of the products. This is even worse now that the temperature is getting colder! Winter is coming after all! (Jon Snow said it!)

– Tissues: This is definitely always useful! It helps you when you have to clean your nose, yes, but this is also such a multi-purpose essential! You can use it if you’re bleeding, if you spill something on your desk/table or if you did a stain on your new shirt! Let’s not forget about its lifesaver role when you go to the toilets and there is no toilet paper anymore! (Very elegant, yes, I know…) No kidding: this is a lifesaver!

– Plastic bags (reusable bag): I tend to go food shopping after work and I DON’T WANT to buy new bags every single time I go shopping as I think this is a waste of plastic. So I always carry 2 big reusable (or plastic) bags, so I’m ready at the checkout and don’t have to buy new ones. I only change them when they break after being used a lot. Thanks to this strategy, I also avoid having hundreds of plastic bags at home! Let’s save the planet!!

Essentials to have in your handbag - leather
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– Lip balm: Like I mentioned before, winter is next door (surprisingly the temperature is still ok so far!) but I don’t trust the weather. So I always have a lip balm with me in case my lips are getting dry due to the temperature or just if I’m thirsty.

– Water: Always carry a bottle of water with you at all times! You should stay hydrated and therefore it’s really good to be able to drink water whenever you feel like your body needs it or just to drink regularly. You can find a post on 6 ways of drinking more water every day here.

– Plasters: New shoes? Walking a lot? And bim: Blisters! This is why I ALWAYS carry plasters with me. My favorite ones are the gel plasters (the special ones for blisters). It makes such a difference to have it on when you have a blister. You don’t feel the pain or the irritation of the skin with your shoe. It feels like you actually don’t even have a blister!

– Painkillers: I sometimes have headaches after a long day in front of the computer, or if I didn’t drink enough or if I’m getting stressed or sick. If the pain stays steady for a while, I would then take a painkiller (I generally wait 4 hours before I take anything as I don’t really like to take medicins).

– Charger or portable power banks: If you’re using your phone quite a lot, then it might get out of battery quite quickly. Therefore I would recommend having your charger (or a portable power bank) with you all the time. You might get out of battery at the moment you need your phone the most… you never know!

– A pen: I always have a pen with me. I generally use it a few times per week and I’m glad I have one in these cases! It can be for anything. Sign a cheque, write on a birthday card, write a reminder on your hand, add stuff to your bucket list or shopping list, etc.

– A notebook (optional): I’m maybe old-school with this, but I love to have a notebook with me! I like to write blog post ideas on paper, draw or brainstorm while in the public transports. As I am already spending the whole day on a screen at work, I prefer to write on paper when moving around (instead of using my phone).

– Tampon/pads: How many times have I been asked for this… Periods coming earlier or later than planned and it’s the panic! Mother nature loves to play with us, women… I always carry some protections with me in case it would happen when I’m not expecting it. But most of the time, I end up giving them to other women who didn’t plan that this could happen. Every women are scared of leaks… which I can perfectly understand: my worst nightmare!

– Feminax: I discovered Feminax recently and I have to admit that I wish I knew about it before! This is SO helpful! The pain and discomfort are still there but it makes periods time more bearable at least! I’m glad I came across this! I always carry some in my bag just in case, it would get too painful.

– Deo: Running to the station, going from work to the gym, going out in clubs, I always prefer to apply a second layer of bodyspray or deo in these cases. I’m way to scared to smell like sweat!

This is it! This is my kit of essentials! I always carry these things with me and I’m really glad I always find what I need whenever I need it!

What about you? Is there anything else you carry around non-stop and that I didn’t mention?


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