Why is photography so important in our lives?

Have you noticed how easy it became to take pictures? I remember when I was a kid, we needed a camera with a film roll, and then we had to wait a few days to get the pictures printed on glossy paper. And sometimes, they would come out awful without us being able to do anything about it! Now, all that we need is our phones!

The photography industry is doing everything to make photography easier and accessible to everyone because they understood how important photography is to us. Do you ever spend a day without taking, receiving or seeing a picture? I’m sure I can answer that: most probably not! And that’s great!

Photography is important to us, this is a fact. We all have pictures of our beloved ones in the background of our phones or computers. We all have pictures on the shelves, on the wall or on the fridge at home. We all have photo albums on our shelves that we love to show to every person coming on family dinners (mostly parents showing these cute pictures of you naked as a baby to your new boyfriend/girlfriend). I’m sure you know what I mean!

Have you ever thought, why photography is important to us? Here is why I think it is.

why photography became so important in our lives
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Why is photography so important to us?

1. It helps us capture a memory

Do you remember this picture of you wearing a princess/clown costume for the Carnival when you were 6? Yes, you do! Especially because you have a picture where you stand proudly in your costume next to your cow-boy best friend John.

This memory has been captured and you will probably remember this moment next time you’re watching this picture. Or you might show it to your friend John in a few years to laugh a bit about these 2 little ones with costumes smiling with all their teeth. You might even show it to your kids one day and explain to them how the Carnival was when you were a kid.

Photography helps us capture memories we want to remember in the future and/or share with the next generations. Like a story to tell.

2. It helps us immortalize important moments

Important might have a different signification for everyone, but we generally tend to take pictures of moments that make us proud, happy or important. I’m sure you saw a lot of pictures of students at their graduation, pictures of a couple showing an engagement ring or a future mum holding her beautiful big belly in her hands with a big smile on her face and love in her eyes.

These are the types of moments that are important to us. The types of moments we want to immortalize in pictures and never forget. The types of moments we want to show as a picture on our fireplace at home. Photographing it will allow us to relive a moment, again and again, every time that we’ll be watching its picture.

3. It helps us share moments and experiences we had

The best example here is when you are traveling. I don’t know about you, but I take a LOT of pictures while traveling. Why? To capture memories and immortalize the moment, yes… But also, so I’m able to share it with my family and friends.

Every time I’m coming back from a travel, you can be sure that my storytelling always contains a part where I would show my pictures while giving complementary anecdotes. You’ve probably heard the Chinese proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words” before. Well, I agree with this.

Telling someone your story is great, but people get more involved and interested when you can actually show them. This is also why photography became so important to us. So we can share experiences we had in a different way. We can share them in a way that people can visualize what you mean and understand it better.

4. It helps us communicate and share emotions

Photography is also in our daily life, especially in the way we communicate and share emotions. Some examples are magazines, newspapers and websites.

Photography helps us create an emotional reaction for the person watching it. Pictures can trigger a huge variety of emotions from shock (for instance in newspapers sometimes), admiration (for example on the cover of a magazine), curiosity (a poster for a new movie), fear, happiness, etc.

Pictures are also used in the way that companies communicate with partners and customers for instance. Our reactions to the brand’s pictures might even have for goal to trigger an action from your side. For instance, it might help us decide if we want to purchase a service or a product (for instance buying clothes online after watching the model wearing it).

In other words, photography is omnipresent in our way of communicating (people, brands, charities, etc. all included)

5. It allows us to use our creativity

In our every day lives, it can be hard to use creativity. Especially because most of the companies have a structure, processes and rules that you have to follow, which stops you to be creative and innovative. The rest of the time, we’re busy and end up not having time for any creative activities. But luckily, we have photography. No matter if we’re taking pictures with our pro camera or our iPhone/smartphone. No matter if you’re photographing a burger in your plate or someone posing in front of a monument.

Every time we’re taking pictures, we can add a bit of creativity in it. This little bit of ourselves that will make the picture special, original and authentic. So we’ll be looking for the perfect angle, a nice light, maybe some effects, a pose, a special background, etc.

Photography is one of the easy ways to let our creativity work and a great way to play with it! No rules! Just letting ourselves inspired by what’s in our mind.

6. It’s a reminder that time and change are parts of our lives

Photography helps us to remember that time runs and we should enjoy our lives. When we look at pictures where we were younger, we realize how far we came, how time made its way through our lives and it helps us realized how fast life goes.

Photography also reminds us that change is a part of our lives. Yes, we changed over the years and that’s ok! We may have changed:
– Physically: yes, we all grow older, change our hair color or put on/lose weight
– Psychologically: we may have become stronger, more reasonable or less shy
– Or our life itself might have changed: we may live in a different country, have kids or have a new boyfriend/girlfriend

All these changes are parts of our lives and watching pictures reminds us what we had, what we have now and eventually what we want to have or to achieve in the future.

As a huge fan of photography, I have to admit that I love it and it’s really important to me. I spend a lot of time taking pictures, watching pictures and I can easily see value in each and every one of them. They move me, shock me, make me laugh, make me proud, etc. I love the emotions and creativity that photography implicates and I’m glad and thankful to have the possibility to take pictures at any time I want.

And you, what does photography represent for you?



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