Harry Potter Studio Tour – What to expect?!

Yes… I’ve been there… THE Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. You might think “and here we go again, one more Harry Potter fan” or at the contrary “yeahhhh, another Harry Potter fan with who I will be able to talk about it for hours!!”. Well, yes. I’m a huge fan (so also yes, feel free to talk about it with me for hours!)

I literally grew up at the same time that the characters and actors. The 8 movies followed me from childhood to adulthood! I watched each of them several times and I still love them as much!

I let you imagine that when I moved to London and heard about the Harry Potter studio, it didn’t take me long to book a ticket and go! I went there with my sister 2 years ago. As a fan, I couldn’t have enough of going once to see the tour… so I booked it AGAIN and went a second time with my boyfriend this time. It was his birthday present!

How was it? That’s easy to answer: A-we-some!

VoilΓ ! This is the end of this blog post! Go there, have fun and enjoy!!

Nahhhhhhh!!!! Of course not, I’m joking!!! I’m just starting! (hΓ©hΓ©)

If you haven’t been there YET (yet, being a really important detail here, as you might run over there at the end of this post!), you will find this post pretty useful! I will try to run through a bit everything: how to book your tickets, how to get there, what to expect and share some pictures with you.

Harry Potter studio tour - what to expect 4 pictures

How to book the Harry Potter studio tour

The easiest way to book your ticket(s) is to go on the official website of the tour, that I will link you here. You can book individual tickets for adults and/or kids, but make sure to check the family tickets as well! It’s worth it! Good news for the parents: the Harry Potter studio tour tickets are free for the very little ones from 0 to 4 years old!

When you book, you can also choose to add a digital guide and souvenir guidebook for a few extra pounds.

Little advice: As you will have to choose a date and a time slot for your visit at the Harry Potter studio, make sure you’re not planning anything else on the day, so you can enjoy the visit as much as you can! The average visit time is 3 hours and a half BUT the good thing is that once you enter the studio, you can continue the visit at your own pace! Basically, nothing stops you to stay there THE WHOLE DAY!

Happy day! So like I said, make sure you’re not in the rush or have anything else planned! You don’t want to miss anything when you’re there, believe me! There are so many things to see, read and try! Make the best out of your visit!

I would advise booking your tickets 3 to 4 months in advance in order to have a lot of different dates and time slots available. As you can imagine, it’s less busy during the week than on the weekends…

Harry Potter studio tour - what to expect flying letters

How to get to the Harry Potter studio

If you have a car, then you don’t need to worry: there is a huge parking lot, waiting for you there, so you should find space to park pretty easily.

If you’re going to use the public transports, then I would suggest you go to London Euston station (on the Victoria line via tube, but you can also access it by bus) and from there, get a train to Watford Junction. The trains to Watford junctions are fairly often, but make sure to take the one who takes 20 minutes (and not the ones taking 50 minutes)!

When you get out of the station in Watford junction, go on your left to find the bus station. All the shuttles to the Harry Potter studios are leaving from there every 15 minutes approximately.

No worries, you don’t have to book these! Just make sure that you have your tickets for the Harry Potter studio with you (or the email confirmation if you’re collecting them at the studio directly) and you’ll need some cash. The shuttle costs 2.50Β£ return (so make sure to keep your ticket for the return!)

You’ll be shown a small video in the shuttle, which will explain a few things about the studio.

Harry Potter studio tour - what to expect - luggage

Arrival at the Harry Potter studio

The shuttle will take you straight in front of the studio (it takes around 15 minutes). Once there, you can either collect your tickets or go to the entrance straight away if you have them already. You will have to show your bags at the security before you can enter the studio.

Once all security controls are made, just follow the corridor to the main entrance! You will arrive in a huge room with portraits of the actors. This room will be connected with the shop of the tour, a sitting and eating area and even a clock room!

I would advise keeping a small jacket because a part of the visit is outside! And of course… keep a camera or a phone with you to film and take pictures of everythiiiiinnnnng!

Harry Potter studio tour - what to expect - potions room

What to expect from the Harry Potter studio tour

You will enter the studio by groups of 100 people approximately (the people who booked the same time slots than you). Don’t worry if you’re a bit in advance or a bit late, just get into the queue, you should be able to go through! πŸ™‚

The visit will start with a small movie in the cinema of the studio (count 5 minutes for this!). Little suggestion: take the access door which is on the left when you enter (this door will allow you to access the front row: perfect for the surprise that will follow!). You’ll thank me later! πŸ˜‰

After the movie, you will be able to enter the studio! People who have their birthday on the day or close to the day of the visit will have the honor to enter the studio first! From that point, it’s pure magic!! (I don’t tell you how you will enter the studio intentionally, as I think it’s better to keep the surprise here!)

Harry Potter studio tour - what to expect costumes

You will see all the sets of the movies, the costumes, the creature effects, the objects they used on set, etc. You will feel like you’re behind the scene during the filming of all movies at the same time! Are you going to be Harry, Ron or Hermione?!

You will also discover secrets on the mechanism and tricks of the Quidditch games, magic fights, special effects and so one. Believe me, you will never see Quidditch the same way again!

During your visit, you will also be able to see places like the ministry of magic, the forbidden forest (be careful, it can be scary for kids!), the platform 9 and 3/4 or even the office of Dumbledore!

You will also be given the possibility to participate in magical activities! You can learn how to use a wand with a coach, come on board the train to Hogwarts or even fly on a broomstick if you want to!

Harry Potter studio tour - what to expect - How to become Dobby

As I mentioned earlier, a part of the visit will be outside so I would suggest you keep your jacket with you. It won’t be long, but it would be better not to freeze, right?! You will be able to see the following outside: the Knight bus, Privet drive (Harry Potter’s house), the Wooden bridge, the chess pieces, etc.

Also get ready to be amazed by all the masks and the creature effects you will see after the courtyard. All the creatures feel so real, it’s magical!

Be also prepared to get a HUGE surprise at the end of the tour! I’m not going to say much about this either to avoid spoiling you the moment, but it’s just… WOW!
It blew my mind away to see this and I hope it will have the same effect on you!

The end of the visit will lead you straight into the Harry Potter studio tour shop, where you can buy all sorts of things including for instance: gifts, clothes, gadgets, cuddly toys, mugs, stationery, sweets and even wands!

Harry Potter studio tour - what to expect - entrance

If you want to see more about the Harry Potter studio tour, you can check out my new video on Youtube (and also the first one ever!!) here. It will show you a little preview of what you will see.

Anyway, here it is! I hope I convinced you to go to the Harry Potter studio! Believe me when I say it’s really worth it! It’s a great present to give to a Harry Potter fan out there! If you’re planning on going or booked your tickets already, then enjoy your magical moment!!

And you, have you ever been there?!
If yes, what did you think?!

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16 thoughts

  1. I’ve only ever seen one Harry Potter film so I wouldn’t class myself as a big fan, but I think even I would have fun looking around the studio tour. There is so much to see and do and I’m curious what the huge surprise at the end is! Thank you for sharing your experience and awesome photos too! ❀ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


    1. Thank you!! Indeed, I’m sure you would enjoy the tour anyway! They created it in a way that everyone can have fun (also thanks to the activities :P).
      I hope you’ll get to go one day! Totally worth it!! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! πŸ˜€


  2. I am sorry to say, but I am filled with jealousy right now. I want your life! I had already always wanted to go, but now you’ve made me look up tickets for right now haha. This was super helpful for when I truly do get to go, so thankyou ! πŸ™‚


  3. I love Harry Potter and I’ve been lucky enough to go a few times but reading this blog post just makes me want to go again. I haven’t been able to go since they have added the forbidden forest in hut if you ever get the chance to go at Christmas, it’s beautiful to see 😊


      1. It’s wonderful. It’s like being at Hogwarts at Christmas time. It feels exactly how I imagine it would in the films. You should definitely go if you get the chance. And it is! I’m desperate to go again!! 😊


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