5 Antipasti ideas

When I have friends over, I love to prepare antipasti and try to create this “Aperitivo” ambiance. It’s easy and quick to do, everyone can find something they like (for all tastes) and it’s less formal as you can serve it on the coffee table of your living room while everyone is sitting on the sofa. No need to put everyone at the table for this!

Great ambiance, yummy food and friends/family! Sounds like perfect to me!

Enough talking! It’s now time for me to show you how to prepare my top 5 Antipasti for your guests. These are really easy to do but you can be sure that everyone loves them!

1. Antipasti idea: Garlic and Paprika shrimps:

You will need:
– 15 shrimps
– 1 teaspoon of paprika
– 1 teaspoon of garlic
– 2 to 3 teaspoons of olive oil
– salt (if you want)

The preparation is as easy as this: put all the ingredients in the pan with a small fire and mix for 3 to 4 minutes.
Make sure all the shrimps are covered with garlic and Paprika and serve warm! Put all the shrimps in a bowl and get some toothpicks ready!

2. Antipasti idea: Mini Bruschetta:

You will need:
– Tapenade
– Tomatoes
– Green pesto
– Avocado
– Lemon
– Sunflower seeds
– Smoked salmon
– Crème fraîche
– Fresh bread sliced (or a baguette)

5 antipasti ideas - Mini Bruschetta

Then you just have to play with the ingredients you want. I’m generally preparing the following versions of the Bruschetta:
– Slice of bread with green pesto on top
– Slice of bread with tapenade on top
– Slice of bread with cut tomatoes on top (you can add a bit of olive oil if you like it)
– Slice of bread with smashed avocado (mixed with some lemon juice) and a few Sunflower seeds on top
– Slice of bread spread with Crème fraîche and some cut smoked salmon. Personally, I like to add some lemon juice on top but this is definitely up to you!

You can, of course, prepare the Bruschetta in any other way you like better. These are just yummy suggestions 😉

3. Antipasti idea: A platter of cheese and cold cuts:

This one is easy. Take a platter, put on it some types of cheese you like (cut or whole) and on the other half of the platter add some cold cuts like salami, chorizo, Parma ham, etc.

You can serve with toasted slices of bread or crackers!

PS: don’t forget the knives if you keep the cheese as a whole 😉
PS (2): It’s also really yummy served with olives or grapes.

5 Antipasti ideas - cheese and cold cuts platter

4. Antipasti idea: Mini pizza

You can either prepare your own dough or if you’re short on time, you can cheat by replacing the base with a toast or crackers.

You will need:
– A base: dough, toast or crackers
– tomato sauce
– cheese
– ham
– mushrooms
– etc.
The ingredients are not limited to this list, you can basically use whatever you like on a pizza 😉

Then prepare your base (whatever base you choose) the same way you would prepare a pizza.
Spread the tomato sauce on top of it, then add the ham and mushrooms (or any garnish you like) and add the cheese on top. Be careful if you use a cracker as the base: make sure that it doesn’t get completely soaked by the tomato sauce.

Then put it in the oven a few minutes if you used a toast or a cracker as a base or longer if you prepared a dough.

You also have the option to add some fresh ingredients… For instance? Rocket?

If you use crackers, serve as soon as it’s out of the oven.

If you use a toast for the base, cut your toast in pieces to serve (I said mini pizza, not small pizza right?!)

If you use a proper homemade dough, then make sure to create mini pizza (size of a 2£ coin approximately).

Once again, this is better served warm!

5. Antipasti idea: Ham roulés

This last option is really easy to prepare and one of the favorite Antipasti for kids (from my experience).

Take a slice of ham, spread fresh cheese with garlic and herbs on top (for instance Boursin) and roll the slice.

Once the slice is rolled, cut it every 1cm and use a toothpick to hold it rolled.

As easy as this!!!

I think you’re all set to receive your guests! All the above ideas can be prepared in no more than an hour or two before your guests arrive.

And you, what are your favorite Antipasti?!

Good luck with your preparations and enjoy the Antipasti!!

Signature peanuts and cacahuetes

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32 thoughts

    1. Thank youuuuuu !! 😀 Who said you have to make them ONLY when you have friends over?! 😉 héhé
      Please do! I make them for myself and my boyfriend only sometimes haha
      It’s so easy to prepare the shrimps and to serve them with some basmati rice (and Bam! you have a light dinner!) 😀


  1. I’ve never heard of the word ‘Antipasti’ before but I do know I want to come to your house for dinner now! These all sound absolutely delicious, definitely the sort of thing I’d love to nibble on 🙂 xxx


  2. Yum! My belly is rumbling just from reading this. I love antipasti but have only tried cheese and cold cuts or bruschetta. I love your other ideas especially the mini pizzas. Definitely pinning this for later.


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