How to wear the leopard print?

The leopard print is everywhere! You can see it on every street corners, in every shop windows, in every shops… It’s definitely a must-have of this year! But for some of us, it’s hard to imagine wearing it or at least we don’t know HOW to wear it.

How to wear the leopard print

Yes, the leopard print has a sexy overtone, but it can also be really chic and elegant depending on how you wear it. You’ll find some ideas (with pictures of celebrities) on how to wear leopard in an elegant way below.

1. How to wear accessories with the leopard print

If you like the leopard print but you are a bit shy or don’t feel completely confident at the idea of wearing it, you can start with accessories. The leopard accessories will help you to get that sexy glamorous touch typical of the print but it will also keep it a bit more discreet.

The best examples are scarves, bags or belts. The scarf is probably what you’ll see the most in the street, as you can add it to any kind of outfit: rock, simple, classy…


2. How to wear shoes with the leopard print

If you like the elegance of the print and want to add a sexy touch to your outfit, but still keeping it discreet, then you should opt for the shoe option: chic, elegant and sexy all at once! The shoes with a leopard print are easy to add to a simple style. It will give your outfit a whole new dimension. You can wear them for instance with Jeans or a plain black dress.

3. How to wear tops with the leopard print

If you choose to wear a top with a leopard print, your options can include a jacket, a top or a cardigan for instance… Here are some ideas on how to wear it:

Coats, jackets and cardigans: it looks really amazing if the rest of your outfit is plain (no other prints! it would be too much) or unicoloured, because it would highlight your jacket.
For instance: all in black with a leopard jacket or a black top and Jeans (for a more relaxed style) with the leopard cardigan.

Tops and blouses: The tops or blouses can easily be worn under a black jacket (or a leather jacket) with a black trouser, a black skirt or even Jeans. Here again, don’t mix it with other print, as it would be too much. Rather choose Jeans items or uni-coloured items.

You’ll find some examples below:


4. How to wear bottoms with the leopard print

If you prefer to have the leopard print on the bottom part of your outfit, then you can focus on getting a short, a trouser or a pencil skirt (currently one of the big trend of 2018). Once again, leopard is really easy to wear with black, so for the short or the skirt, you could choose black tights and a black turtle-neck top as well. Turtle-neck black tops are perfect to cut the sexy overtone of the leopard print by not showing any skin on the decolleté area.

The leopard print is always really highlighted if worn with plain colours like black, white or beige. So for the trousers, you can, for instance, choose to wear it with a beige trench coat and a white top (like in the picture below). With this look, add black shoes and a black belt.


5. How to wear the leopard print top-to-toes

And finally… *drum roll!*… you have the top-to-toes leopard style! This style is rather used for parties (I mean: like a pretty sexy dress), as you might look a bit overdressed otherwise (depending on the context, your style and what kind of outfit).

You also have the Jennifer Lopez version, who cut the sexy overtone of the leopard print by adding a little white collar around the neck. This little detail made the dress more like a day-outfit rather than a red carpet outfit.


Now it’s your turn to play with the leopard print and adapt it to your own style!

What outfit did you opt for?
Do you already own items with the leopard print?
If yes, which ones? Let me know in the comments below!

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Please note, that I don’t own any of the pictures presented above. All the pictures are celebrities pictures found online.

8 thoughts

  1. I love leopard print so much, it really gets a bad rep! I started out with a leopard bag then quickly progressed on to coats and a scarf! I have a leopard blouse too which always used to get comments at the office! I’d love to try it head to toe and maybe some leopard pants one day ♥


    1. I like it a lot as well! 🙂 Unfortunately, it does have a bad reputation sometimes :/
      I would love to find a nice blouse! I just didn’t find one I like so far haha. I hope you’ll find pants and head to toe that you like 🙂


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