Date ideas: fun, romantic or cheap ideas for your first date

Ahhhhhhhhh he (or she) finally said yesssssss!!!! You’re going on a date tomorrow night!

Wait… tomorrow is literally next door! Where are you taking him or her? (This question comes generally right after “what am I going to wear?”, but this is another story, right?)

No idea? No panic, it’s all under control! If the above describes your current situation, then I might be able to help with some romantic, crazy or funny date ideas below.

Pretty sure you’ll find the right fit for you!

The classic and safe date ideas:

– Dinner at the restaurant (maybe ask in advance what is his favorite food before booking anything?). One of the restaurants, which impressed me the most is the Brasserie Zédel in Picadilly Circus. It’s not too expensive and the restaurant has interesting menus that you can find here (it’s a French restaurant and the place is breathtaking: it’s on the theme of a chic circus in France, red carpet and marble everywhere. Absolutely stunning!). Note: you have to book in advance on their website.

date ideas - the classic options

– Drinks at the bar (Skygarden is quite amazing for drinks in a nice place, the view is amazing! I wouldn’t recommend to go there for dinner if you’re on a budget though, because it’s quite expensive)

– Brunch (Good option, if you’re not keen on having an evening date)

– Café (or even Ice cream/waffles/crêpes café). Here again, I recommend the Brasserie Zédel! The restaurant has really nice desserts and pastries like lemon pie, Crème brulée, profiteroles, chocolate mousse etc. Here again, please note that you have to book in advance.

– Cinema/theater night (not ideal to talk, but it’s a classic option that comes generally after a dinner)

The romantic date ideas:

– Having a walk in a park, near the Thames or near the Little Venise at night (or even during the day of course!)

– Picnic in the park (can be combined with the above option): note that you can also do a home picnic if the weather doesn’t let you follow your plans. Just put a blanket on the floor in your room or living room and arrange some food. Hyde Park is perfect for this. It’s so big that you can easily find a quiet place.

– Watch the sunset on Primrose Hill with a glass of wine (don’t forget the corkscrew!)

Sunset holding hands

The touristic/outdoor date options:

– Sights viewing (Perfect if you are both interested in culture, history, etc.)

– Go to museums (Most of the museums in London are free! You can go to the National Portrait Gallery or the British Museum, for instance.)

date ideas - the touristic options

– Street food festival or any other street events (This also include grabbing food at the market and eat on the spot with some live music in the background. Borough market and Bricklane Market could be options here).

The “activity night”/fun date ideas:

– Cooking class for cooking lovers (you can find discounts on cooking class on Groupon)

– Go to the theater/to a musical/to a concert (I personally loved Kinky Boots, which was awesome with a great lesson of life and Aladdin, which was hilarious and magical. BUT my favorite is Wicked: it’s a combination of humour, “Wow” Moments and beautiful songs)

– Wine tasting for a chic option (if you are both Wine lovers, this should be fun! Make sure to eat something before starting the tasting! You might end up tipsy otherwise).

– Dancing class for the ones that have a sense of rhythm (It can be Bachata, Salsa, or Tango for instance)

date ideas - the fun options

– Karaoke for a crazy night (if you dare!)

– Bowling for the competitive ones

– Indoor climbing for the sportive one

– Ice skating for the ones that are not afraid to fall

This list is of course non-exhaustive, so let your imagination works to find other ideas and last but not least:

Relax and enjoy your date!!!

Ps: Let us know where you took your date!

Signature Laura

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2 thoughts

  1. I love these! I would like to have a picnic outdoors with my partner at an eventually point 🙂 we did bowl competitively and I won haha but to be fair he never bowled until that time 😂 lovely post 💖😘


    1. Thank you lovely!! Oh yes! I love picnics too!! I’m sure you’ll get the chance to do a picnic with him! (Maybe if he comes next summer as you mentioned on your blog!)
      Well done on your winning!! héhé I’m sure he will want a revenge haha


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