How to save money daily

You’ve just been on holiday and spent a bit more than planned? You went shopping and exploded your budget for this month? Well, it can happen… But it’s not the end of the world! You can rectify the situation by saving a bit more money this month, by trying the few tips I have for you below!

Saving money is all about taking good habits and play smart!

How to save money daily

Here is how you can save a bit of money daily or monthly. You will be happy you did at the end of the year when you will realize how much you actually saved in a few months.

1. Save money by selling the things you don’t (and won’t) use

You probably have at home some items or furniture that you are not using… It might be gifts that you received but didn’t like, furniture from a previous flat that you are not using in your new flat, clothes that you are not wearing anymore, etc.

What is the point of keeping them in a corner (where it is probably just bothering you), when you could sell it to someone who would need it and use it? You would gain space AND money. A pretty good start, right?

You can easily sell your unwanted items on Ebay (Ebay require for you to pay a fee)ShpockEtsy or Gumtree for instance.

How to save money daily - selling clothes

2. Save money by preparing your food-shopping list BEFORE going to the store and stick to it

Yes, it can sound silly, but by doing this, you will actually spend less on food shopping and won’t be influenced by the merchandising or offers in-store. Try to go shopping once or twice a week maximum with your shopping list ready and your stomach full! Believe me, it helps… If you go food shopping when you are hungry, you will have more difficulties to resist buying snacks or unhealthy food (sugar or fat), as your brain will trick you and make you feel like you need it.

Try to plan your meals for the week (approximately) and just buy what you need for these meals ONLY.

3. Save money by preparing lunch at home daily instead of eating out

Let’s imagine that you are cooking tonight… Why wouldn’t you prepare 2 portions instead of 1 and keep the extra portion for your lunch tomorrow?

By taking the habit of cooking the previous evening daily and taking the food for lunch the next day (instead of eating out for lunchtime every day at work), you actually save quite a lot of money per week. Easy but effective!

Ps: If you don’t want to eat the same for dinner and lunch the next day, then try to tweak your meal a bit. For instance: If you’re eating homemade fried rice for dinner, then just prepare an extra portion of plain rice to which you can add some tuna, tomatoes, cucumber and a dressing for your lunch the following day. And tadaaa you have a rice salad for lunch (it takes only 5 minutes more of your time to prepare it).

how to save money daily - prepare your meals

I used to eat out with my colleagues for each lunch break (which costs quite a lot of money), so I decided to try cooking at home daily for a full month. I wanted to see how much I would save. Believe it or not, I saved 150£ in ONE month!

4. Save money at the beginning of the month

Most of the time, people expect to save money at the end of the month. How many time have I heard people saying: ” Everything left on my account at the end of this month will go into my savings!”.

Unfortunately, by doing so, you end up spending more unconsciously. If you have more money available on your account, you will spend more. BUT if you move a fixed amount of money from your main account into your savings at the very beginning of the month, then you will unconsciously adapt and live with the remaining available amount.

I’m talking here by experience because this is how I saved more than 7,000£ in one year and a half!

By doing so, your savings will grow quickly and it will give you some financial security after a few months and allow you to have some “just-in-case money”.

5. Save money by canceling irrelevant contracts

You subscribed to a magazine you never read? You have a gym membership but never go to the gym? You subscribed to Hellofresh but you never cook? An Internet contract from one of your previous flat is still running? You have a new gym membership in a different fitness studio but you forgot to stop the contract with your previous gym?

It seems like it’s time to deal with these! You may have forgotten these different contracts, but unfortunately, they didn’t forget you and are still taking money from your account every single month. It’s time to stop these contracts, don’t you think?!

6. Save money by keeping your change (no matter how little it is)

You probably don’t realize yet how much these little coins represent if you actually keep them every day. Most of the time your change gets lost in the washing machine (yes, it stayed in your pockets… again… ), fell out of your pockets in the street or just gets forgotten in your wallet (which is going to feel really heavy at a point).

You should get a small container, that you would leave in the entrance of your flat/house near where you leave your keys and wallet when you come back home. Every time you pay in cash and get some change back, put the change in there. Take the habit to do it daily.

How to save money daily - keep your change

If you put all these little coins in this container, you can then bring them once a month or once every 2 months to your bank. The amount can then be added to your bank account.

A friend of mine kind of gave me the idea. I saw this little container with all the coins in the entrance of his flat when I visited once. He was emptying his pockets in this little container every time he was coming back home.

I asked him: “Why don’t you take that to the bank? That would be better than to keep it at home, no?”. And he did! He didn’t think about it before, he was just unconsciously emptying his pockets daily and forgetting about it. He texted me after he took it to the bank to tell me that he actually had 36£ in this little container! Now, he continues doing it and gets a little extra cash every time he is taking it to the bank!

I hope all of these little money tips will help you save money daily and hopefully you will get a nice surprise at the end of the year!

And you, what are you tips and tricks to save money daily?
Good luck with your savings!

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11 thoughts

  1. Great suggestions here. I’ve been trying to sell some of the things I no longer want or need, but haven’t had much luck so far. Oh, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how much I spend when I go with a list, rather than picking up whatever I fancy!

    Your blog is great. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Some great suggestions here. I definitely find writing a shopping list and sticking to it and taking lunch to work help me. I’m a sucker for £3 meal deals which really mount up when you’re buying one 5 days a week!


    1. Completely agree! I saved so much money by preparing my own meal for work! And the trick of the shopping list always work! Otherwise you look too much around and feel like you want to buy sweets and snacks that you don’t really need haha


      1. Never shop hungry either! That always ends badly and things that aren’t on my list just throw themselves in the trolley.


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