Are singing classes worth it?


I tested a singing class for you! Yep… Me… Singing… What a joke, right?!

I love to sing… BUT ON MY OWN UNDER THE SHOWER! Anywhere where there is just me basically! One day I had this crazy thought and decided that I should (eventually) go to a singing course. I wanted to see how it’s like but I also decided to take the step because I LOVE to challenge myself…  The good thing is as a shy person, I know that I will never run out of ideas to challenge myself!

Are singing classes worth it1. What to expect from a singing class?

Funny enough, this is exactly the first question everyone gets asked when you arrive at your first singing class! Why did you subscribe to this class? What do you expect from it?

Well, most probably because I would like to be able to sing in the shower without waking up the whole building with this terrible voice? Does this count?

For the first class, I was a bit nervous (of course, what a surprise…), but the teacher tried to make jokes and the atmosphere became lighter and more relaxed. I also felt a bit reassured because I could see the forced smile and this horrified expression on everyone’s face. I wasn’t the only terrified person in this room! Youhouuu!! You could feel that everyone was “a bit” nervous at the beginning, but the tension faded away with the time. Pfiouuuu!

During each class, we did exercises to warm up our voices and to learn how to breathe properly (we ended up sometimes in curious positions for these exercises, so don’t be surprised!). We also worked on learning how to project our voices and even did some pronunciations exercises.

I was really scared when the teacher mentioned the pronunciation exercises because I am not an English native speaker…

Luckily, as a proper gentleman, the teacher asked where everyone was from, in order for him to adapt his exercises to the group. Good surprise for me (and pretty bad for the teacher), only one person of the group was British! I have to admit that it was so much fun! We had good laugh within the group during these crazy exercises!

For the last session, we all had to prepare a song to sing solo… Ouch, touché! I didn’t see that coming… I let you imagine the face of everyone when the teacher announced it to the students! He just laughed at all our horrified faces! He was definitely having a lot of fun at this moment! (probably his favorite part of the class…)

But everyone played the game and prepared a chorus or a whole song for the most courageous of us. It. was. scary… BUT in a way, it was also nice as you could get a personal feedback on your voice/technique/breathing/singing. It was worth it!

2. Are singing classes worth it – my opinion

I had a lot of fun with this class! The atmosphere was quite relaxed, we sang cool songs of different types of music and learn the basics of singing as promised when you subscribe to the class. The group was small enough to be able to get some feedback for yourself during the class and hear your own voice while singing but it was also big enough to make you feel more confident singing in the middle of other people (groups of 10 to 15 people max.).

I would, however, share a little red flag on the following points:

– You have to pay the 8 sessions as a full program in advance (the dates are fixed), so the total price is quite high (around 130£/150£ depending if you take the 6 sessions program or the 8 sessions program).

– Also if you miss any class if you are sick or traveling for instance, well that’s too bad for you! You can’t carry the missed class over to the next program. If you don’t/can’t come, you paid for nothing…

BUT it’s a BIG YES!

Overall, I would still recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn the basic technics of singing! I did myself another 8 sessions program of beginner classes with another teacher (just to continue improving my self-confidence)!

If this class can interest you, you should check the website of the city academy here.

The city academy is also doing acting class, musical class, photography class, dance class, music lessons, filmmaking class, etc.

You should definitely check it out! You can book a taster class before to subscribe to a whole program if you’re not sure to like it. This is what I did and I can confirm that it was really helpful to get a first impression of the class and its content!

So conclusion: singing classes are worth it! This one particularly, so give it a try!

And you, would you try it?
If not singing, what other class of City academy would you join?!

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