How to make caramelized nuts?

Here is my new easy recipe! Take an old concept to create a new one. Well, that was the idea! You probably tried before these caramelized peanuts that you can find at funfairs (some people are also selling them in the streets in London).

Well, I took the idea and tweaked it a bit: I replaced the peanut with cashews and added sesame seeds. As simple as this!

It takes 10 minutes to prepare and you can eat them literally straight away!

How to make caramelized nuts

Here is how to prepare caramelized nuts.


Count 10 minutes to prepare these caramelized cashews.

You will need: 
– 100g of sugar

– 10 cl of water
– 100g of cashews
– 3 tablespoons of sesame seeds

Recipe of the caramelized nuts:

1. In a pan, put the water and the sugar.
2. Mix until the sugar melted in the water completely (Be careful not to put sugar on the side of your pan while mixing as this would crystalize quickly!).
3. Once your caramel has the colour and the texture you want, add the cashews and the sesame seeds and mix to make sure that all the nuts are covered in caramel (This needs to be quick to make sure that your caramel doesn’t get too cooked)
4. Take out of the fire and put on a cooking trail protected by some baking paper.
5. Separate the nuts from each other before the caramel gets hard (it will happen very very quickly)
6. Let cool down for a few minutes.

Your snack for tonight’s football game is ready !!!! No popcorn needed! (England is playing against Belgium tonight for the football cup! A big moment for the British people… )

Note: If you prefer other nuts, keep the same recipe but switch the types of nuts! This recipe also works with peanuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, etc.

Which nuts are you going to use?!

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