The A to Z of me

I’m sure you are familiar with this “Get to know me: A to Z” concept, which you might have seen on the blogs of Little Miss Kathy or Blonde Amy. As I’m still a newbie to the blogging world, I thought it would be a great idea to introduce myself in a different way using this fun concept! If we’re about to share some moments together on my baby blog, I guess it’s better to get to know each other, right?!

Let’s do this!

A – Affection: I love to give and receive affection. That’s a fact… so prepare to get some virtual cuddles! (including one now!)

B – Beach: If I’m planning to go on holiday, I will almost always try to go somewhere where I can go to the beach. I love to swim in the sea and feel the sand under my feet. This is what feels like a holiday to me!
My last holiday on the beach was in Sardinia… I let you dream with the picture below!


C – Crazy: I have to admit it… I’m a little crazy sometimes… But only when I’m with people I feel comfortable with… Because, well, I’m a little shy in real life (so easy to hide behind words…).

D – Dancing : Yes, this is one of my secret (obviously not so secret anymore) passions. I love dancing! And when I say dancing, I don’t mean my crazy disco moves that I keep for weddings. No, no, I mean the proper partner dancing… I’m in love with Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Semba, Afrohouse, Tango and also dancing a bit of cha cha cha.

E – Expat’ : Yes, I am! I’m just a French girl in London (currently). I miss my family of course, but I love leaving abroad and being under the impression of going from adventure to adventure… It is such a dream! I wouldn’t exchange that feeling of excitement! So thrilling!

F – Family : Just because I love my crazy family and I think that it is one of the most important things in life! I may be living abroad, but I always take the time to Skype (or call if I’m traveling) once a week with my parents and sister. It’s a ritual that I love. It makes you feel that your family is actually just next door.

G – Germany : I studied 2 years in Germany and fell in love with the country. I loved the people, the culture and the international campus life. I had a great time, unforgettable moments and made friends for life! Germany is definitely a place I would consider to go back in the future.

H – Harry Potter: Because I grew up with the Harry Potter movies and therefore, feel quite attached to it! Of course, I visited the Harry Potter studio already and I’m planning to go again soon! (But shhhhh it’s a surprise for my boyfriend’s birthday! I book tickets for August! So excited to see his face!)

Harry potter studio

I – Independent: I was always a pretty independent person. Since I’m a child actually. I got used to learn everything by myself and then the more you experience and try, the more you get curious and the more you want to discover! And this is how I started my expat’ life! On my own, in a city where I’ve never been before and where I didn’t know anyone at all. And it was such an exciting adventure! I would do it again without doubts!

J – Jokes: Oh yes, I love those! I’m really bad at making jokes (so please don’t ask me!), but I’m a good audience and laugh at pretty much any kind of jokes (even the terrible ones)!

K – Kitty: Because kitties are cute, because kitties are fun and because kitties are cuddling. I can’t wait to have one at home… Next step (after finding a flat)! (It’s work in progress).

L – Laura: Yes, Laura is my real name, nice to e-meet you!

Laura Peanuts and cacahuetes

M – Musicals: Oh yes… I’m such a fan of musical. You can find on the top of my list of favourite musicals: Wicked, The Lion Kind and Kinky boots!

N – Nelson: Nelson is my boyfriend’s name. I love the way he is, his craziness (something we have in common, hell yeah!) and his smile. He is this ONE guy that makes you feel strong and makes you believe you can do it all (he is also my dance partner!).

O – Once upon a time: I love stories… Everyone has a story to tell and I think it’s important to listen to them and share them. You can learn so much from each story and from the people! It also teaches you to be respectful, compassionate and to become a listening ear. It can change someone’s day!

P – Park: I love going to parks. It’s so relaxing, quiet and peaceful! I feel like I can breathe in and everything feels better!

Q – Questions : I love asking questions… It’s doesn’t matter if it’s to myself or to people, I just find it terribly interesting. Unfortunately, it sometimes also shows my level of self-confidence, which is, as you may have guessed already, closed to zero! Happy day! (I’m working on this!)

R – Recipes: Well, this one won’t surprise you as I mentioned it a few times already haha I love trying new recipes. Don’t hesitate to go check out the “Recipes” section of my blog! You might find some that interest you!

Tasty, creamy and yummy risotto

S – Social: In the dancing scene, we have parties called “social dance”, where you can just dance all night long on different types of music, with different people (who became friends with the time) and eventually where you can socialize with people as well (like talking, laughing and that kind of stuff! No kidding!). I have to admit, I’m so addicted to dancing that I spend most of my night on the dance floor haha.

T – Trolls : That one movie (for kids, yes I know), that made me laugh and cry, sing and jump (yes, yes, in front of the TV) and that I definitely recommend and want to see again! (Such a kid, I told you…) I was hesitating between Trolls and Travels but I’m sure you guessed about the travels already due to the “Travel” section present on my blog!

U – Unique: Like each and every one of you, I’m unique! Wouhouuuu ! I said it! Lesson of the day: always cultivate your uniqueness. This is what makes you the unique person you are!

V – Victory: After months and months of hard work, patience and deception, I (finally) quitted a job where I wasn’t happy, and it feels like a win. I learned that there is no point in staying and destroying your own health for something that is not worth it. It was a hard time but lesson learned and now it’s time for a new start.

W- Why: Simply because why is my favorite question! I’m like kids… always asking why this, why that to everyone (even if they don’t know the answer either). My questions are also sometimes coming out of nowhere really… Just my brain doing its tricks.

X – X-perience (Experience): I didn’t have a lot of inspiration for X haha. I think experiences are contributing to your growth and are therefore really important in life! So always try to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and experience new things! We have only one life, don’t forget!

Y – Youtube: I would spend hours on youtube watching videos of dancing, singing, tutorials or (of course) funny cats videos! It’s better not to even start on the subject!

Z – Zodiac sign: I’m a Leo! Rooooaaaaaarrrr! Leos are supposed to be proud, have a strong personality and be loyal… Well, I am loyal, but for the rest, it seems like I stayed at the baby lion stage… Great…

Like I said before, this post was all about to get to know EACH OTHER better, so don’t hesitate to leave me a comment with some fun facts of yours! 😉

Hope to read you soon!


Ps: Don’t hesitate to read my “About me” page if you want to get to know me better!

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