Groupon: the best friend of small budgets

I didn’t know about Groupon until last year when a friend sent me the link.
Well… It’s amazing!

London is a very expensive city… And therefore, it’s unfortunately easy to feel “bored” in your life because you are under the impression that everything is too expensive to enjoy going out too often. Good news! Groupon might solve your problem! (or at least partially…!)


Groupon offers interesting prices in an increasing number of different categories. In the categories, you can find the following:

1. Local
The Local category contains all the deals near your place or in your city. All kinds of deals are of course available: from Beauty/Spas to Automotive, from health & fitness to food&drinks and even personal services or things to do for instance… You even have the option to search on an interactive map, if you really want to find something in a specific area or next door!

2. Goods
Groupon not only proposes deals but also interesting prices for good in all kinds of categories: Kids, Toys, Electronics, Home & Garden, Pets, Fashion, Automotive and even grocery goods! If you need to buy anything (for instance a phone, Yankee candles, jewelry, etc.), you should definitely have a look there! You might find something interesting!

3. Getaways
Need some holiday? Here you go! No matter if you’re looking for a simple weekend somewhere quieter in the UK or proper sunny holiday near the beach abroad, you’ll find some interesting deals/offers on Groupon. You even have in this category a flight search powered by Skyscanner, if you are looking for the cheapest fares.

4. Events
This category is much smaller than the other, so the choices are also restricted. You will, however, be able to find prices on horse racing, sports events, theater &arts, exhibitions or trade show for instance.

5. Gifts ideas
Nowadays, more and more website are proposing ideas for gifts and of course, Groupon joined the movement as well! If you need ideas of gifts for “him” or for “her”, for a couple or a birthday, you should find some interesting proposition on Groupon. Naturally, you will also find a category called “affordable gifts” (I did mention this post was perfect for small budgets, no?)

6. Discount code
This category will interest all the shopping fans: Yes, Groupon proposes discount codes. And the most interesting is that the discount codes are for big companies, that you are probably already buying from. For instance: TK Maxx, Argos, Disney Store, Asos, Superdrugs or boohoo.

All the below options should give you nice ideas of activities you can do in London AND activities that should be in your budget!

Groupon also gives you the possibility to offer some of the deals to someone thanks to their special “gift” feature. So this is definitely an option to consider for an upcoming birthday, next Christmas or any other good occasion to offer a present.

Did you know Groupon already?
If yes, for what purpose do you generally use it?

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