Yogurt cake recipe: a piece of cake!


If you’re having friends coming over for an afternoon tea, this yogurt cake is a perfect idea! It’s easy to prepare and delicious for the mouth and the mood!

Yogurt cake recipe

Ingredients for the yogurt cake:

Count 15 minutes to prepare the batter, and 20 to 30 minutes to bake in the oven.

You will need:
– 1 pot of yogurt

Reuse then the same pot of yogurt for the following:
– 2 pots of sugar
– 3 pots of flour
– 1.5 pots of sunflower (or other vegetal oil)
– 3 eggs
– 1 pack of baking powder (11g approx.)

Yogurt cake recipe: instructions

1. In a big bowl, put the yogurt, the eggs and the flour.
2. Mix until you get a homogenous mixture.
3. Add the sugar, the oil and the baking powder and mix again.
4. Butter and slightly flour the mould and add the batter
(You can choose any mould form here! Either rounded, like a ring or long and square).
5. Bake 20 min to 30 min at 180°C.

Note: Happy news! This yogurt cake recipe is personalizable if you want something a bit more fancy! You can add fruits pieces (apples, ananas, berries, etc.), nuts (almonds, coconut, hazelnuts, etc.), candies (smarties, M&Ms) or even chocolate chips.

Note 2: You can also personalize the top of the cake only! For instance, melted chocolate on top and add smarties to write “Happy Birthday” if you like! Or add icing with berries! Or add Nutella with Kinder Bueno pieces, etc.

And you, how would you personalized this cake?!

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