Help, I’m a snacks addict

“It’s 10am, let’s have a morning snack to hold until lunchtime!”; “3pm, I would love some sweets!”;  “5pm already?! I should eat a small something before the gym, so I don’t get too hungry before dinner!”; “7pm, on my way home from the gym… The time I get home and cook it will be late, I should maybe get a small snack now”.

Does it sound like you? Then you might be a snacks addict.

Welcome to the club! If you’re like me, any reason is good to get a snack!  Did you notice that when you’re bored at home, one of the first things you do is opening the fridge? (Most of the time, you even have no idea why you’re standing there). Same in the office, you tend to look for snacks when you’re bored!

Help I'm a snacks addict

How to slow down your snacks addiction?

So now, what can we do to change this? The question is: “How to stop snacking?!”
I found the following options (that worked for me):

1. Keep your head (and hands) busy, so you forget about having a little something to eat. In other words, don’t let yourself get bored and keep yourself busy.

2. Drink water: I know it sounds stupid, but it actually helps… Make sure to keep a bottle of water with you at all time, and if you think about having a snack, drink instead! (Which is a good habit for your body as well)

3. Use a clock: You feel like you can’t hold the day with 3 meals only (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)? Then ok for 2 more snacks eventually: one at 11am and one at 4pm. But if you do so, then put a clock or a reminder on those 2 times with exactly what you are allowing yourself to snack. For instance: 11am, 10 almonds and a yogurt; 4pm, a fruit.

4. Or finally change your snack habits. If you can’t stop snacking, then try to opt for healthier options. Who said that snacks need to be chocolate, cakes and cookies?

Snacking healthy snacks instead

If you don’t feel like stopping your snacks addiction or you think that stopping would make it worst, why don’t you switch your snacks for healthier options? You’ll find a list of healthy snack alternatives in case you really need a little something below:

° Fruits (full of vitamins): bananas, strawberries, raspberries, apples, oranges, melon, pineapple

° Nuts/seeds (full of proteins and fibers): pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews

Help I'm a snacks addict

° Corn or Rice cakes (natural flavored)

° Popcorn (natural flavored)

° Smoothies

° Boiled eggs (full of proteins)

° Hummus and veggies sticks

° Dark chocolate (full of magnesium)

° Slice of bread with smashed avocado

° Greek Yogurt with honey/fruits

° Cereal bars (low sugar if possible)

What are your favorite snacks (healthy or not)?
How do you slow down your snack cravings?

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