Sweet potatoes and feta quesadillas recipe

I went to a restaurant where they served something quite similar to this and… it was absolutely yummy! I love it!
So I tried it home my way, and it was also really yummy! Here is the how.

Count 20Β Minutes for the preparation and 5 minutes cooking for each quesadilla.

Ingredients for the Quesadillas recipe:

You will need:
– corn tortillas
– Feta (half a pack)
– Sweet potatoes (I generally use 2 for 4 quesadillas)
– onions (1 or 2 depending on your taste)

Sweet potatoes and feta quesadillas recipe

Recipe of the sweet potatoes and feta quesadillas

1. Cut the onions in 2 and then in slices.
2. Caramelize the onions in a pan with some olive oil. Turn off the heating when ready.
3. Cook the sweet potatoes and make a mash of them
(or cut them in 2, add some olive oil on top and put them 5 minutes in the microwave if you’re in a hurry).
4. Cut the feta into small pieces
5. In a pan (small heating), place a tortilla to warm it up. Turn it after 1 min.
6. After you turn it, add some sweet potatoes mash, some feta and some caramelized onions on one half of the tortilla.
7. Fold it in 2 and turn it again.

Here you are, the quesadillas are ready! A little extra: Served with guacamole, it’s even more yummy.
You can also add different other ingredients, like chicken, ham, cream, cheese etc.

Enjoy your dinner!!!

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